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North Devon Cottages

Typical North Devon Cottage Image credit Adrian Platt ©©

Typical North Devon Cottage

North Devon cottages are typically quite modest houses, often in a rural, or semi-rural setting. Usually these are one-and-a-half story properties, where the upstairs floor goes into the eaves. The windows are usually dormers which means there maybe restricted height in part of the room. This also sometimes means that the eave timbers form part of the bedroom space. The timber purlins, rafters and posts are left to give a more traditional feel.
In some of the larger North Devon villages and small towns the term “cottage” can just mean a small, cosy house.

This doesn’t mean that cottages are always small, though. They vary in size usually with between 1 and 4 bedrooms. Larger cottages have sometimes been created by knocking a row of small cottages into one or two larger houses and a cosy cottagey exterior can hide a spacious living area.

The joy of a holiday cottage is that you can use it as if it were your own home for the duration of your stay. This gives you the freedom to eat in, eat out and relax . Unlike a bed and breakfast or hotel, where there is usually some sort of restriction on your access because of cleaning schedules, in a holiday cottage you can please yourself.

Holiday cottages are an ideal choice for families with children and babies, especially in larger properties where three generations can holiday together.

Holidays in cottages are becoming more and more popular in the UK. Holiday rentals in areas such as Cornwall, the Lake District and Costwolds are now very expensive. This is where relatively undiscovered and unspoilt villages of North Devon really come into their own. Prices are far more reasonable and availability is good, giving holiday-makers a much wider choice.
Increased competition between cottage owners has led to significant improvements in the quality of presentation of properties on offer. You can expect tasteful decor, character furnishings and good quality appliances in most North Devon cottages.

Image credit Adrian Platt ©©

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